Saturday, March 28, 2009

Every time you think....

You've identified the worst player in the land, another candidate crawls out from under a rock dragging his knuckles along the ground presenting a gap toothed smirk for consideration.

Exit hand from Cavan: KK v A4, all in for 80 bigs on a queen high flop.


'Dragging his knuckles along the ground' actually made me lol

Unlucky Dara.

Cheers Thomas.

Quite a surreal night all told. After steaming downstairs to type the blog entry and play a few steps on Stars, I went back up to play some cash while I awaited Cat and Rob's inevitable doggings (Rob's was the funniest: aces v qj sooted). Still a little worse for steamage, I decided to be sensible and just buy in for the bare minimum of 100. In 2 and a half hours, I played precisely one hand (seriously!) and cashed out for 405. How is possible? Well, the trick is to raise to 12 utg with KK and notwithstanding the fact that it is the only hand you've played narrowing the old utg raise range a tad, get 7 callers, proceed to flop top set, and before you have time to think "Hmm, how do I get paid here?", you've flatcalled a small blind donk lead and witnessed three allins behind you, and your top set holds to the river. Game of skill.

After sitting thee another 90 minutes not playing a hand, one of the guys asked sarcastically if I was waiting for aces, kings and ace king. I told him I wouldn't play ace king. I don't think I was even joking.

It's tough this recession!!

Nutpeddle and still gets tons of action. No consideration of your table image or the hands (lack of) you've played.

One of the reasons for opening up your game is to widen your perceived ranges and get you action with your big hands. Is there any need for this at all??????

Certainly not in this place...


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