Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things not to do at the poker table....

1. Attempt to (semi) bluff someone known as Fish.


LOL, and what a nice guy he is also. (presuming it's the same guy I'm thinking of)

LOL!!! Oh very wise words! Where was this game... Malahide??!

My things are not to bluff into Italian players "THEY DO NOT FOLD" just in case you were at it lol.....

I enjoyed the night, good crowd, far to many familiar faces though...high standard in general,

dodgy stomach today though, think I'll stay away from watery chicken & rice dishes forever yuck

Pretty sure we are talking about the same guy :)

Yup, Malahide queenj.

Smurph: in the words of a friend who had a bunch of Italians at his table in an EPT, they seem to play every pot and feel they have to win them all.


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