Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nines again

This time in my hand. Maybe I should just autofold on sight of a nine.

Played the first SE festival event last night, along with the brother. Weird tournament in that neither of us got much to play with and never really felt like we got going, but somehow managed to make the final table. In the end, Sean bubbled, and I cashed minimally in 5th, keeping my recent good string going (5 out of 6), but I'd trade 4 of them for one really big one obviously.

My exit hand was bog standard: I'm down to 10 BB's, everyone else has at least 4 times my stack, I pick up 9's on the button, move all in over a raise only to find he has kings. I actually picked up a shedload of outs when 3 diamonds flop (I had one, he didn't), but a fourth one never arrived.

Field was a standard mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Mick Stevens was the class act at the final table: he played a set of 4's particularly masterfully.

Sunday night I played the ECOOP event and again cashed minimally, 170th out of 1700 or so for a profit of about $100. Again, pretty card dead mostly, very short near the bubble, got into an okayish position by playing the bubble hyperaggressively, but then was card dead again after the bubble burst, and eventually pushed AJ into Aces. Also played a feeder to Wednesday's PPP online sat to the SE event and scraped in. Good laugh and banter on last 2 tables.

Plan for the rest of week is to play the SE sat tonight, then tomorrow play the online one, Thursday I'll probably play the Fitz EOM although if I haven't satellited into the SE by then I might try the satellite instead, then the weekend will be given over to the SE festival.

Mark Dalimore is flying in from the Czech Republic on Thursday to play. He was 4th in Newcastle GUKPT and we had a great laugh hanging out and got very friendly so I invited him over to sample the Irish poker scene. Mark's one of the best readers of people I've seen: he did a final table commentary for me when it was headsup and accurately predicted fold/call/raise every time purely on physical tells. And if he challenges you to a game of Spoof, run like buggery.



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