Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nein! Nein!

Or rather, nine, nine! My new witching card.

Played the Fitz tonight for the first time in ages. Only 19 starters, a mixed bag of the good (Declan O'Dea, Ozzy from Fult Tilt/Boards, a couple of visiting Yanks, Jude) and some standard Fitz players.

Ended up headsup with Jude (not for the first time, but I don't think I've won one yet) and had him outchipped two to one. The hand that swung it his way went:

Jude limps from the small blind, I reraised with QQ, Jude calls (don't think I've ever see him fold to a 3 bet here).

Flop QJ2 rainbow.

Jude checks, I bet 4K into a 4.8K pot, Jude calls.

Turns a 9.

Jude checks, I bet 8K, Jude reraises to 20K.

I consider whether he has K10 before rejecting it on two counts. First, he raises a lot of hands headsup preflop so I'm pretty sure K10 would be one. Second, he bets his draws aggressively on the flop so I think he'd lead out on the flop rather than check call.

So I call. River's a blank and Jude pushes all in. I call and he shows me a hand I hadn't even considered: 10 8. I still can't quite believe he called with a gutshot to the idiot end of the straight.

That left me crippled and later I pot committed myself raising K5 suited, flop comes K109, I push, he calls with 109.

Typical Fitz fare, I guess.

Still, 4 cashes in last 5 tournaments: no bad.



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