Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Out. Already?"


One of those days when nothing goes right. Hardly played a pot, and when I did, it just didn't work out according to the script.

First pot of note: 89s, call, and call a small reraise. Flop 762, I bet almost pot, call. Turn brings a 3, I check, opponent checks behind me, so now I think he has two high unpaired cards. River's a 9, I bet half pot thinking my 9 is good, he calls with 109. Ouch.

The hand that crippled me went raise to 2.5 BB from middle position, call, raise from me on the button to 8 BB with AK, fold, call from a guy with (it turns out) KJ.

When the flop comes KKJ I'm obviously thinking happy days, though once I bet 300 and was check-raised to 800 I had to think about the possibility of KJ or JJ. To be honest I wasn't expecting KJ given the pre-flop action (I think most players would fold KJ out of position when a known rock reraises) and was more afraid of JJ. Turn brought an 8 and a bet of 1500 from him, which I called. Once he went all in at the end, I should have thought more about how little I was actually beating, or splitting with (I thought he might have AK), but it's very hard to get away from top set top kicker when you're heads up with half your stack in already and getting 2 to 1 on the call. I know I need to be able to get away from those big hands more though.

That wasn't my exit hand incidentally, but it did leave me crippled and I was out a short while later when I pushed with A9, got called by Q10, and he rivered a 10.

Oh well, just one of those days where nothing goes right. Good luck tomorrow to everyone playing.


Thanks Lloyd. My immediate reaction after the big hand was annoyance that I didn't take longer to consider how likely it was I was beaten, or even try to get a read off the opponent, but to be honest I'm not sure I could have gotten away in any circumstances. I asked my brother afterwards who is much better at the big laydowns than I am if he would have got away and he said "No, but I'd have been annoyed with myself afterwards" which sums it up.

Good luck today! I'll try to get along to rail you and my other friends there today after I get through at RTE.

Well, you beat KQ and silly bluffs. So no, I'm not folding there tbh. Good luck with the RTE thing!!


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