Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stop and go

Internet connection is still in bits, so I'm still reduced to playing limit cash (and only before about 4 PM when my connection goes into meltdown), ugh. It's not really possible to beat limit by very much during the daytime hours when by and large it's mostly nitty regs, so essentially only the rakeback makes it worthwile. Barely.

Hence, last night I scooted off to play live, even though I was feeling a bit burned out after the weekend on that front. Came down to a straight choice between the 110 game in Malahide and the Winter Festival sat in the SE. In the end plumped for Malahide for a number of reasons. The SE didn't come back with an answer to my query as to whether there was a cash alternative for those of us already with tickets in time, and from Boards it looked like a high proportion of the quality players in Dublin were heading to the SE. Structures are better in Malahide too. Unfortunately, another good reason to visit Malahide is no more: the ever lovely and vivacious Tanya has moved on. Best of luck to her in her new job.

Anyway, the game got thirty runners, I flipped well until my exit (not strictly a flip: I didn't have enough to get a button raise to fold to a preflop ship so decided to stop and go instead with KQs. The flop J22 looked good but unfortunately he had the jack. Still, third for 500 represented a reasonable return/night's work.

Put up a thread on Boards asking other full timers for recommendations on most reliable ISP and the thread was immediately yoinked into the Bad Beat thread to my mild annoyance. I didn't really see how it was more off topic than the Monty Hall problem or a few other threads allowed an independent life, but I suppose it's their playground their rules, and human nature being what it is once you have moderators they have to something to occupy their time/justify their existence. Was told to move it to the Broadband forum if I wanted but as one friend immediately pointed out, they'd just be on about speeds and bandwidth and the like, whereas as a poker player what you really want from your connection is for it to not dip ever ever. Which was exactly my reason for asking poker players rather than random nerds.


"the ever lovely and vivacious Tanya has moved on"

Jesus, that's seriously -EV

See you the weekend Dara, hopefully we can both FT.

I regularly use a BT connection over phone line and a NTL connection over coax (same cable as TV signal) and both are totally reliable with hardly ever a dropped connection.

One point to note is that no matter which phone line broadband provider you go with you are still reliant on Eircom for any hardware phone line issues as all the other providers use Eircom engineers to resolve these problems.

Good luck & hope you get it sorted soon.

Well done in last night's cash win - a profit is a profit and a free night out.

Whichever you do pick - stay clear of Perlico wireless. I changed over from Eircom to save €20pm (I never had a day's problem with Eircom) and now my wireless just keeps disconnecting, asking me to reenter my access key(!) It crashed just as I got AA in a $10 double up game and was <15bb, got back online and had been folded/sitout mode... Meh!


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