Friday, September 4, 2009

Bottoms and heads up and scary stalkers

Not a lot to report. Still running like a pig online, looks pretty clear a second successive losing week will be banked. Playing WCOOP event 1 yesterday and despite John O'Shea sweating me like his very life depended on it and despite getting off to a great start that saw me motor or rather hoover up to 13K, it all went bottoms up very quickly. I lingered with the short stack for an age to the point where an improbable min cash looked on, but was not to be.

Also played the Bruce IPR tournament and got dogged something horrid by Rob Taylor. My flush versus his trips, all in on the turn, and he housed the river. Sorely tempted to post the hand in the Theory section of Boards :)

Only live outing this week was the Westbury monthly game. I exitted on the second last table. Essentially a period of prolonged card death scuppered me at a very active table and when it was final folded to me with a pushable hand (JTs), I ran into KK behind.

I'm heading to airport in a few minutes to play the DTD Monthly. Staying with Mick McCloskey.

Finally, my Headsup interview with Boyle's is now up at


Good luck in Nottingham Dara.

Get into that 'Zen' state of mind & clean them all out...


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