Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vegas update

Saturday: played my first WSOP side event. Good start, up to 8K without any real hassle, then doubled down in a gay set over set. Loose raiser raises utg, I flatted JJ utg+2, another guy flatted behind. Flop QJ6 with 2 hearts. I led, guy behind flatted, initial raiser folded. Turn a nin heart 4, I led again and got called again. River a scary 9h and I check called a half pot value bet. Tbh I expected to be shown a flush given the preflop action, not top set. Unlucky, but lucky the guy played it slow and didn't get me in on an earlier street.

I was pretty card dead but managed to lift myself up to 7K. The blinds and antes eventually made a move necessary, and I got it in with top pair against bottom 2 in a blind on blind battle and didn't suck out.

Was pretty shattered so went back to hotel and slept for 12 hours.

Sunday: took a day off from live to let my head clear and grinded online instead to no great effect (broke even). In the evening went to lunch with Nicky. We thought it was gonna be just us, Julian Gardner and Paul Spillane, but in the end Marty and his lovely girlfriend Karen, Hali and Bella and the Kabbajs. Very nice evening, even if paying $170 for a plate of halibut was a bit of a bad beat :)

Monday: Played Caesars deepstack. Good start again: up to 25K with no bother. Then prolonged card death and getting all my raises snapped off as the antes kicked in and blinds rose did for me and I went out with AQs v 88. Played the nightly crapshoot in my hotel as it was just starting as I came back. Std appalling (sample: a dude called an allin on a AJ6 rainbow flop with K8o) but still too good for me (QQ less than AJ).

Some of the lads are getting results though, mostly recently Chris Dowling who won last night in Caesars. Fair play: his results in last year are second to none.

Biggest result of all though: Rob and Cat got engaged. Best wishes to the happy couple.

Plan for the week is to alternate between STTs in Rio and deepstack in Caesars. Next WSOP for me is Saturday's $1500 NLH.


Keep playing well Dara & hopefully some good results will come your way.


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