Sunday, June 7, 2009

Short changed

I'm not going to do a lot report on the European shorthanded as there's not much to report other than that I didn't play particularly well and exitted the main event just before the end of day 1. I got a reasonable start up to 27K but after that couldn't win a pot. No major mistakes on any hand but strategically I think I played too many hands. You need to loosen up to some extent 6 handed but people tend to overdo it, and I think I certainly did. Scott O'Reilly at my table gave a master class exhibition on how the TAG game can be brutally effective with minimal risk even short handed. In retrospect I wish I'd played the way he did obviously.

I also played the 500 side event. Played better but ultimately went out on an uncharacteristic big move. Nothing wrong with the move I think: nearly every time I try one it works leading me to believe I should try them more often, but on this occasion I ran into top set. One funny hand with Mick Stevens early where I flopped a monster so big I felt no need to protect it, and ended up letting him hit runner runner with a most unexpected holding. Again, I think I played the hand fine (though Oz for one disagreed) so no real regrets.

Online still going much better than live, leading me to wonder if I'm perhaps allowing a bit too much of my more hyper online game bleed into my live game to its detriment. Something I'll have to think about more. I find it harder and harder to be patient live.

Finally, for something a bit diff, here's my instant guide to spotting a probably not great player online:
(1) Location: France or Italy
(4) Ridic vainglorious screen name like UPAYMYRENT or UPAY4MYPORN or IMAPRO


reading that, I have spotted a worrying trend towards abbreviation

next thing, you'll be doing your blog updates in txt spk

and you're way too O...L...D for that. we all are.

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