Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mosquitos and women

Both find me irresistible. Or at least I enjoyed telling people in Seoul so. While I'm reliably informed my appeal to the latter is entirely in my own imagination, there's no disputing my appeal to members of the Culicidae family. By the end of my time in Seoul, I was the most bitten human being on the planet, and mosquitos were setting out from North Koreafor a long trek south in search of the legendary among mosquitos sweet O'Kearney meat.

Congratulations to my international teammate Eoin Keith who smashed the Irish 24 hour record in a track race in Tooting at the weekend. Eoin's having an amazing year having already smashed the Wicklow Way record a few weeks ago. I was chatting with him yesterday and was interested to hear that he incorporated speed training into his routine this year after we discussed its merits at lengths in Drummondville last year and he thinks it made a big difference. I'm a firm believer in speed training, even when you're essentially training to run very long distances at a slow steady pace. I believe if you just train yourself with long slow distance, you gradually get slower and slower. Speed training is needed to jolt the system and increase your cruising speed. It also makes the metabolic processes of oxygen transport and fuel use more efficient, and speeds recovery, which is a big part of what we do as ultra runners.


Well done yourself... 138km is not to be sneezed at! Hope the feet aren't too bad and the bites aren't as bad as you make them out to be!

Next time I recommend Avon's product: Skin So Soft Woodland Oil as a repellant - smells better and it really works! And no, before ya ask... I'm not an Avon rep!

ffs I'm shattered after driving that far, well done old man you should be very proud with all the adversity you had to deal with over there. Was railing the iwf satt tonight vul. catch you in city west

Thanks for the tip Queenj: at the moment tea tree oil crem seems to be doing the rapair job, but I'll try the woodland oil next time I visit a land of the mosquito.

Thanks Nicky, another frustrating nearly in the sat. I don't seem to be able to nail them like I used to which might be karma for all the boasting about how good at hem I was.

Anyway, see you in CityWest, hopefully at the FT.

Shut up, you're irresistible to all sensible women too and know it full well.

Sorry your race didn't go as you expected but knowing you you'll bounce back and do something utterly amazing again. I remember chatting to you just before the race in Central Park a few years ago and you were your usual charming relaxed loveable self saying you doubted you'd even be able to finish and then a few minutes later the race started and you stunned everyone by winning the race. That was maybe the most impressive thing I've ever seen: you're a natural born winner, pure and simple D. But way more loveable than most winners.




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