Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bad start

Played the $2000 NLHE event yesterday. Played ok, made some great laydowns, but with a 3K starting stack great laydowns don't get you much. Played one hand badly and lost half my dwindled from card death stack, then raised with 1010 in the CO, guy who kept chopping off my raises reraised, I went all in, he called, AK, hit a K, all she wrote.

Then played the small $340 event. 5K starting stack, 30 min blinds, gets bingoey early on. Luckily I raced great to recover from a very short stack early to be above average with a third of the field left. Unfortunately was then card dead until the bubble, when I pushed with AQ, got called by 105 in the BB, flop comes A24 and yup, a 3 on the turn makes my opponent the wheel. Shame because the standard was appalling and if I win that pot I'm in good shape to mount a serious challenge. To make matters worse, another shorty was allin with AQ on the other table against 88. If he lost we'd have split 36th, but of course he didn't, and I went out in 37th.

Played the $1500 event today and just exited. Played the best I've played maybe ever to get my 3K starting stack up to 8K, only to blow it all in one horrible hand against the only stack that covered me, Hollywood Dave. I check raised him with AK on a k97 flop with two spades, and then called his allin after somehow convincing myself he might be doing it with a flush draw. Of course he had bottom set. Of course.



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