Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ladbrokes Poker Million

After the Masters a couple of guys I was talking to were asking if I was playing this. I said probably not: I'd made a few attempts at qualifying, come very close on one occasion, but probably wouldn't have time to make a serious effort at it again. Then they asked why I didn't buy in, to which the answer is $20K is way too much to risk on one tournament.

Then they offered to partially stake me, 10% each.

First reaction was they must be kidding (they'd just met me!). Once I realised they weren't, my second reaction was there must be much better staking propositions than me. The fact that I've made two final table in deepstack mtt's doesn't mean I wouldn't be the value in this particular format.

The field will be made up of some of the top pros in the world (who it can safely be assumed I would not have an edge over) and a host of online qualifiers, at least some of whom will probably have donked in from starting stack 100 one minute blind turbos, over whom I may have an edge. Then there's the small matter of the added money: $500,000 in total, which might just about tip me towards +EV in the event.

So I'm currently considering it, but leaning towards nay. Even with 20% of my buyin staked, that'd leave me putting $16K of my own roll into one tournament.

Still haven't retyped the Masters opus, but will. Honest.



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