Monday, May 19, 2008

He cracked my 10 6 with aces

Funniest line heard at the Newcastle GUKPT.

As you might know, I ran deep in the main event, cashing (11th for 2350). Exit hand was pretty sick: I'm SB with 9's, it's folded around to the button who was tilting from the last time he was on the button (he raised, BB called, flop came A66, BB check raised him and showed 52 when he folded). He goes allin for 15 big blinds, I don't need very long to call. He's not doing that with a higher pair or even AK: I figure at worst I'm up against one over. Actually, it's even better: 87s. Flop comes 1062 with none of his suit, but now he's got my 9's for a gutshot, and it duly comes on the river. I think if I win that hand I'm in great great shape as my table image is rock solid and people are playing very scared poker. So a case of nearly again.

Might write a fuller report if I get round to it, I played pretty well I think, particularly after the flop, but didn't race so well. But still, not bad to cash and at the very least hopefully I'm shaking the tag of the Jamie Gold of Irish poker that one unkind soul laid on me one night in the Sporting Emporium.


another great showing Dara and unlucky at the same time. lol at the jamie gold comment. I also recently read somewhere on the net that you are the second richest man in Ireland; congrats on that :-)

Yes, it's apparently true that I'm the second richest man in Ireland, and a few more of these cashes, I may even catch you. :)


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