Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nearly night

A couple of final tables in satellites last night but no ticket this time.

Final tabled in a GUKPT satellite and was going okay, medium stack of 6.5K, when I decided to get creative with Queens in early position and just flat called with the blinds 100/200. Button who just barely covers me raised to 2K (10 big blinds!), I moved all in, and got insta called by AQ. Happy days only there's an ace on the flop.

I decided my short-handed game has improved to the point where it was reasonable to resume my quest to qualify for the Ladbrokes poker million. Second in the 2 PM satellite for a cash prize that represented a modest profit, but gutted because at one point I had the guy outchipped 10-1 heads up. Better luck in the 5 PM satellite where I won a ticket for the daily final. Going well in that early doors until I reraised all in with top pair/open ended straight draw, got called by an overpair, and lost most of my chips, forcing me to slowfold until the addon break. Nursed my short stack to the final table and eventually to 4th for $260 in cash. So a nice profit but no ticket and never any real prospect of one.

Today's main amusement was having finally persuaded Mireille to give this online poker lark a try, I got to watch her nurse a $25 starting stack on a beginner's table up to $41 in 4 hours (turns out she's a bigger nit than I am!) until a car crash. She was BB, 2 limpers, small blind made it $2.50, Mireille called with 87s, limpers both call. Flop is K87, Mireille leads out for $4, SB calls after a long dwell. Another 8 on the turn, SB checks, Mireille bets $8, another long dwell and a call. 10 on the river, villain bets $5 after a long pause, Mireille raises to $10, villain moves all in, Mireille calls, villain has 1010 for a house in Foxrock. Just as well it was Internet poker as Mireille had to be restrained from punching the screen. So I don't think I'll be encouraging her to try live play any time soon.


LOL!! There are bigger nits than you!!

I know, who knew?

I'd never have put Mireille down as a nit as she's pretty reckless in her approach to life in general.

Actually, my brother's an even bigger nit than both of us, and the one time I brought my son Paddy to the Fitz he folded everything but Kings and Aces so I guess you could say I'm the wild crazy LAG in this house.

Good Lord, you all sound like a hoot!! :P

I kid, I kid.

Really though? Everything other than KK or AA. Magic.

Well, okay, by the end when he was shortstacked he did a fruity all in with queens.

Funny thing was he actually went quite deep because even though he only played 3 hands all night, it being the Fitz, the whole table kept betting at him with nothing.


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