Monday, December 10, 2012

Irish Eyes new site launch

Irish Eyes relaunched earlier this week, providing access to a number of different poker rooms. At present the main ones are Revolution (formerly known as Cake), Merge, Ideal and Enet. More will be added soon including I believe OnGame, Ipoker and 888.

In this blog, I'll give some information on how to update your existing account or sign up.

Existing customers

Follow these steps:

(1) Update your password

In order to access your Irish Eyes account you must get a temporary password first, and this password must be changed before you can use any product. You will get the temporary password via email. If you have not received this email, you should go to our site or and then click on 'Log-In' at the top right hand side, and once on the Log-in page, click on 'Forgotten Password or Username'. This link is at the bottom of the Log-in page.

Once you have done this, you will be sent an automatic email with your temporary password included.

If you do not receive this email, it may be because the email address registered on your Irish Eyes account is not up to date. Perhaps you now use a different email address. If this is the case, please email and ask them to change your registered email address to your new email address, and then try the 'Forgotten Password' process again.

If changing your email address does not work or if you know your email is correct on our system, and you still do not receive a temporary password email, you can email our customer support and ask them to manually change your password and email it to you directly. Once you get your temporary password, you must log in at our website, update your profile, and change your password. None of the products will work with the temporary password you have been sent. Everything must update within the Irish Eyes system through our website before you will be able to log into any poker client.

(2) Update your profile

When you are asked to 'update your profile' please note that there are mandatory fields you must fill in. If you do not fill these mandatory fields in, the update will not take place and you will be asked to 'please update your profile' repeatedly.

Updating your profile also means you will be asked to choose a 'username' for each of the platforms we offer. The usual thing to do is copy your Irish Eyes username into the boxes for each product. If there is a conflict with your username for any product, you will be prompted to change. This is because the username you have on Irish Eyes that you want to use on the other product might already be taken on that product. A slight change to your Irish Eyes username on this product should suffice.

Once your profile has been updated you will be asked to change your password from the temporary password emailed to you. Please note, the password must be letters and numbers only, and must not be more than 10 characters. This completes your profile update.

(3) Download the software

You need to download the poker clients on which you want to play, and this can be done on our 'Download Software' page. There is currently no 'multi-installer' that would download and install all software products to your computer in one go, but we are working on delivering this in the near future.

The main attraction for players (such as myself) who play on a number of different networks is the ease with which money can be moved around between the different sites covered, instantaneously and free of Fx charges.

On a completely different (and much sadder) note, I was very sorry to hear that Mick Hamilton (pictured below, courtesy of IPB's Danny Maxwell) passed away. Mick was a close friend of Miick Mccloskey. An archetypal "London gent", he loved coming over to Ireland to play poker. He was also something of a gourmand, and I had a lot of enjoyable meals spent in the good company of the two Micks. RIP Mick: you will be missed.


Thanks for giving Mick a little mention. Much appreciated.


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