Monday, October 27, 2008


Perhaps I should have taken my many near misses to win a satellite ticket as an omen that this tourney was not meant to be. Never really got going and eventually ended up shoving AK from the cutoff into AA in the blinds. Good fun and well organised though, and not without value either despite the buyin. My table was a mix of very good and very atrocious players with almost nothing in between.

Was very happy with my play overall, I think I did the very best I could and survived as long as was possible given what was dealt to me (muck in the main) and made one very good call against a hyper aggro English pro wunderkind with bottom pair. I was basically only beating a bluff but managed to work out from the betting that it was either a bluff or a very weird 2 pair, and a bluff was most likely.

Spent dinner break with Big Mick G, Gary Clarke and Nonni (sp?), and had interesting chat. Lots of well wishers glad to see me still alive after my race.

Decided to skip today's rebuy sickness (spent the day grinding online instead) but will play tomorrow.



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