Thursday, October 16, 2008


Eddie and Thomas came back from the course inspection with two rather disturbing bits of news: the running "track" turns out not to be a real running track but concrete painted to look like a running track, and was covered in what Eddie described as "black clouds of mosquitos".

Accordingly, we headed off today to get masks and repellent. The shortish walk to the Hyundai department store and back was enough to have my throat, chest and eyes burning from the smog. Saturday/Sunday's race could be very interesting indeed, all the more so because I seem to have done my back in. I got up this morning very stiff, and then after breakfast rather unwisely played a few points of table tennis with herself, one of which had me lurching low for a return followed by clutching a spot in my lower back. It's difficult to imagine I could run on it at the moment but hopefully it'll improve in the 40 hours or so between now and race start.



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