Monday, July 14, 2008


Beat: played a single table winner takes all SNG for a ticket to the $5000 Venetian event plus 200 cash. 3 handed, playing brilliant, with 30K. Blinds 1500/3000 so we're into the bingo. Guy with 15K shoves, I call with AKs, he flips over 89. Ahead all the way till the river and beyond, or at least so we all think, until the guy who has just shaken hands with me and started to walk away notices there are 4 clubs on the board and his 8 is a club. So again, rivered. Got headsup with him shortly thereafter with an almost 4:1 chip deficit. Shove first hand with A9, he calls with A10, and it's all over.

Brag: chopped the weekly tournament in my hotel this afternoon to make a small dent in what I'm down overall on the trip.



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