Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Running bad, hoping to race better

No joy in the DC Scalps game out in Citywest. Basically, the horror continued. Given the structure it was always likely to come down to a couple of hands and so it proved.

Hand 1: I'm in the BB with AQ. Ace-rag merchant who has already managed to lose his first tranch of chips with A4 (check raised all in on a A26 board and found himself called by AJ) raised 4BB UTG. Two callers, and I decided to flat call. Flop comes Q103, I trap check, he bets almost pot, everyone else drops out. I figure he's either got nothing or he's hit his rag, so I just call. 9 on the turn changes nothing as far as I'm concerned so I continue to trap check, he goes all in, and flips over A9 when I call. So I got what I wanted, at least until another 9 duly hit the river.

Hand 2: By now I'm drifting towards shortstackville so I widen my range and call with QJs on the button. 5 way pot, flop is AJ4, it's checked around to me, and I check. Turn's a Queen, checked around to Irene from the Fitz who pretty much always bets the turn if nobody's shown an interest in a pot, she bets one third of my stack, I don't think she could have AQ (she always raises that preflop), it might be KQ or more likely nothing at all, so I figure this is as good a spot as I'm likely to see and move all in. I know I'm in trouble when she instacalls. At least I'm right that she didn't have AQ: she had K10. Oh well, I still had 4 outs, but I don't seem to be able to hit 19 outers at the moment, let alone 4's.

Staked brother Sean in as a birthday present and for a percentage, and he was going very well early doors, up to 14K, and I was looking like I might actually show a profit on my birthday present. Then the blinds galloped up, it became bingo, he slipped back a little, and with just over 8K at 400/800, he got his money in ahead, into a threeway all in with JJ against two AK's. So great chance to triple up, he stayed ahead on the flop, but the Ace duly hit on the turn to leave the two boys arguing over who got his scalp.

Running horrible on the Internet right now too: just as well we're off to the Czech Republic tomorrow for the race on Friday.



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