Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to winning (or at least chopping) ways

As Mireille was driving me to the Westbury monthly game in Malahide, she commented that if I didn't cash it would be the first time since I started playing poker that I'd have gone into double digits without a cash. She keeps more meticulous records than these things so I took her word for it.

In the event, the threatened first ever breach into double digits didn't happen as I ended up chopping with Mark "The Undertaker" Buckley. Mark's very unorthodox aggressive style does really well in there and there's noone like him to build a stack, which he did several times in this one tournament.

We got three handed with Massimo, who started agitating for a chop. Mark had 60% of the chips and said it wasn't really choppable. I didn't take any part in the discussion: I'm generally happy to discuss deals either as chipleader or as shortie but never initiate these discussions or push for a deal. A few hands later Mark knocked out Massimo and immediately offered an equal chop, which I was happy to accept.

Online's been going very well this week although it could be even better if a few big pots had gone the other way. Highlights include winning the nightly Deepstack on Bruce, coming second in the $10K guaranteed and $7K guaranteed as well as a number of other final tables on Bruce, and a third for $1250 in the WSOP shootout on Full Tilt, as well as a win in a $75 45 man on Full Tilt.

I'm also thrilled to announce the extension of my sponsorship deal with Bruce. I've felt very honoured to represent Bruce this year and wear the shirt and look forward to continuing to do so.


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