Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crapshoot king

Recent online upswing continues. After a bad night session where I seemed to have gone back to running bad, I had an amazing evening yesterday winning not one but both the nightly crapshoots on Stars for IPC packages. First one was a sick sweat headsup but felt like I was freerolling the second one (against DrJff, a young player I rate very highly, and felt very sorry for as it's a sick "flipping for $4K" bubble: Stars turned off the chat at that point, otherwise I'd have suggested some sort of business).

I wasn't even paying attention as I was watching the match and just clicking buttons whenever needed. Push/fold is no brain stuff and I was just checking the stack to blind ratios, deciding whether to get it in or not, and not even looking when I was all in. Mireille was a lot more excited than I was, going "You have a good stack now!" and "No ace, no king, no queen, no heart, no 6, no 5, no 3.....Yes!!!!". Rather surreally the first one ended around the time Henry was cheating us out of a World Cup spot meaning I got treated to the rather bizarre sight of Mireille simultaneously dancing to celebrate the package while swearing and spitting vile in French at Henry on the TV screen.

Busted last hand before the break of the second one, rebought much to Big Iain's a and bemusement insisting that even with 3 bigs it was a plus Ev prop for me at that point. So it proved as a serious of quality doggings including one where I called a multiway allin with 54o, found myself double dominated and still managed to prevail, motored me to the final table. One sick call there, where I called an allin for all my chips in the BB with the mighty J6o. I knew the SB was shipping any 2 and with 48% equity against that range it was a standard call, even if my MSN went berserk with people asking if I'd misclicked. Rather amusingly, my opponent's random holding turned out to be J5.

Overall I'm up somewhere close to $20K since last Friday making it easily my best online week ever. Apart from the tourney scores (I've had 2 wins and 3 cashes in last 5 attempts on Stars for over $10K profit), I've also been doing very well in the sit and gos. For a while early in the week I was winning at least half those I played. When I run good, I run good. Hoping the heater will continue obviously.


Well done, nice turnaround Dara. Patience is a virtue but if you have it combined with sound strategy & play the wins will come & often together in the shape of a $20k run.

Well done.

well done on the double package, yeah stars block chat to prevent deals- wud of done some business, wat i don't know

i'm sure i'll win a package at some stage next week

started a blog myself- want to swap links

Sick run... Long may it continue!

WP on the double ticket act! Nice one Dara! I'm sure you will sell the spare ticket no bother, that will pay for Mirelle's Xmas present!

Hey man. Was just wondering if I could tempt you into adding a link. In exchange, can add your blog to links on Drop a comment on the blog if interested. Ta. Snoops.


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