Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally an IPR win, with thanks to the Deise Lama

Played Phil Baker's charity game in the Jackpot last night. I can't play the main event tomorrow because I've qualified for a couple of online biggies (the Ipoker $1 million gtd and the $1K WCOOP) so this would have to be it. Disappointing turnout, only 30 runners I think, but some very high quality players in attendance including to my immediate left Frances (Wally) McCormack (doing his damnedest to knock me out for the umpteenth time this year), Mick Stevens, Gary Clarke, Willow and Eamon, Moneymaker (from Boards, not Chris), Ciaran Corbett, Phil (fish!) and Lorraine (much better than Phil) Baker and a few other of the better players on the Dublin scene. Got off to a flyer with a doubleup thanks to an early set over set cooler, then doubled down by degrees against Wally who was stomping all over me until I got them all back in one big hand where I used his own hyper aggression against him. Interesting chat with Wally about a possible project involving both running and poker which I'd be well up for. More on that when it's more definite, but anything to add a bit of focus to my running is good. It's been a bit messy and unfocused since my international retirement. I was toying with the idea of returning to the New York ultra this year but the reality is I'm not where I'd need to be to have any hope of hitting the starting line in peak shape, and I've never really been one to do things half assed.

Anyway, once Wally had been sent packing it was much smoother sailing and I was never really in difficulty, maintaining a comfortable chip lead for most of the final table. I managed to get all the big marginal decisions right as far as I know (certainly the calls) and generally was much more focused and picking up on things and in the zone than of late, something I attribute in large part to a chat with Personal Hero and Occasional Guru Nicky Power. In fairness, the man's the spitting image if not the reincarnation of the Buddha himself.

A deal was done 6 handed to flatten the payout structure, and we agreed an equity chop 3 handed with me getting the win officially and the biggest slice of loot thanks to having over half the chips in play. Happy enough to deal as chiplead or no chiplead, it comes down to running mainly at that point, I got a little bit more than ICM would dictate, and got the monkey of being the only player near the top of the rankings without a "win" this year off my back.

Online, it's been an up and down week, or rather down and up, starting in similar vein to recent weeks with a continuing downswing. I took a little too much money off various accounts for the life/family rake meaning I managed to pretty much bust my Green Joker, Stars and Full Tilt accounts more or less simultaneously, which takes a bit of doing. Obviously I could just lob some more money on and continue as normal, but hey, that'd be too sensibly boring. It's a matter of pride that I've never actually lodged a cent online, everything I've won, spun up and taken off to feed the family or blow on bank shares has come from the acorn of my first freeroll cash over 2 years ago. So I decided instead to try to spin some more up using FPPs and I'm glad to report that I did a Murphy multiplier up to about $1500 in a couple of days.

Tomorrow I have the aforementioned big online tourneys and will probably take it easy otherwise so as to be fresh for them. Nothing more live planned, though I'm tempted by the Wednesday game in Galway. Mmmmm, added money. You know what they say: if you add it, they will come.



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