Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweating like a rapist

Good weekend in the Macau, which is great place to play poker apart from the fact that it gets so hot it has us all (in the words of Eoin Olin) sweating like a rapist.

Main event: Never really got going to be honest. Very tough table draw with Eoin, Andy Grimasson, Noel Magner and Derek Murray (and Keith McFadden arrived later). Ran pretty bad apart from spiking a few sets, none of which got paid, was down to 7K at one point but recovered to finish the day with 22K. Briefly got it up to about 30K on day 2 (horrible draw again: Noel Magner, Paul Spillane, Marty Smyth, Derek Murray), then prolonged card death and running into hands saw me drift back to being very short. Eventually got it in with KK against eventual winner Knuckles A2 and an ace on the turn sent me packing. At least the chips went to a good home, with Knuckles playing very well.

Charity game: Joined this very late meaning I was effectively starting short stacked. Got nothing to play with until I picked up 55 in the BB. The SB, a hyperlag raising every hand, raised and called my ship with JT and won the race.

Freeroll: This one was the funniest. Starting stack 4K, first playable hand I pick up is my old nemesis KK. Young Nordy kid raises to 200 (4 bigs) utg, Welsh Jay from Kerry makes it 600, I more or less commit myself by raising to 1700, Jay calls. Flop ATT, Jay open ships, and I think ugh, he has the ace so cut my losses showing. He shows QT, so was the correct fold but unexpected. A short while later, Jay raises to 600, I ship AQ assuming I'm ahead given how loose he is, but he has QQ and holds.

Sunday side game: Similarly short and brutal. Early on I lost a healthy chunk of my stack to Lucky Jimmy with AK on a K high flop (he was slowplaying AA from the blinds), then another chunk with 88 against Martin Noonan's 55 on a 665 flop, and went out shipping KK into AA.

On the plus side, two of my swaps final tabled which more or less got me out for the weekend.

Watched some of the final table, which seemingly followed a pattern for much of it, with John O'Shea running over it till he got unlucky and knocked back down, then coming storming back only to get unlucky again. He eventually lost a race to exit in third, after which we headed back to the hotel, I potted online a little (to no great effect) and we got the train back this morning.

My interview with Nicky and big Ian for Irish Poker radio is now available ( Also while in Cork I did one of those Headsup with....things for Boyle's which presumably will surface on their website at some point.


I dread to think what they stuck under the cheese of the second one

goddamn it, posted comment under wrong post, alzheimers clearly taking effect.....

It's much funnier and more Gonzo under this one


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