Saturday, July 4, 2009


Was feeling a bit burned out live so I took most of the week off and just grinded online. Online continues to go well: up almost $5k since I got here, which more or less balances out my live losses.

Thursday: gave megastack in Caesars a final try. Never got going and fizzled out shortly before dinner break. Std exit, lost race. It's fair to say live hasn't gone exactly to plan but on the posirive side I'm happy with how I'm playing and it's always all about the main event in any case.

Friday: played some more online, then walked over to the Rio to rail the first batch of Irish in action. They all did us proud: no reported casualties. Went for dinner with Dagunman and then walked over to the Palms to pick up my PokerStars gear. Came back and ate again (gluttonous swine that I am) with Albert, Paul, Reese, Andy and Pete. Then some drinks at the bar where a fair Irish crowd had gatheredv including most of the lads in action from day one. Highlight of the night was when the legend that is Padraig Parkinson came over to shake my hand and Paul Leckey jokingly asked him why he was shaking my hand and not his and Padraig said "Because I respect him". Good fun with big Paul who is trying to set up a prop bet twith Devilfish hat would involve me running 40 miles in 5 and a half hours in the desert heat.

Left early enough as the plan was to go into lockdown mode and prepare mentally for my day one tomorrow. So I'm staying in all day today, and pretty much just chilling apart from some online.


Best of luck tomorrow Dara. This could be the one. Play well.

Thanks Thomas. Played well but ran bad day 1, let's hope day 2 better

Yeah, was speaking to rob in the Fitz tonight and he told me.

Listen, 6k chips is not a lot and it's a long road back but your still on the road nd not on the side looking on.

If anyone can recover & play the short stack in this spot then it's you.

Hope you run well early Day 2 and get some chips to give you a shot.

Hang on in there & believe.


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