Saturday, January 3, 2009

40 something in New York

I first came to New York in 1986, the summer of Bernie Getz, on a J1 Visa. Very different place back then. I didn't get back again until a few years later, when I came here in what I assumed to be the twilight of my running career to run my first ultra, a few weeks after a disappointing Dublin marathon had proven that my days as a serious competitive marathon runner were over. I ended up running 60 km and seven and a half laps of Central Park faster than anyone else in the field, launching a new career as an international class ultra marathoner. So it's safe to say I have many happy memories of the Big Apple.

This trip's race was a much shorter less competitive 4 mile affair, started on the stroke of midnight. I may have been just off the plane, I may be a long way short of peak fitness, I may have known that even at my best I'd never be a contender at this short a distance against 5000 other runners, but when the starter's gun went, all that went out the window and my natural competitive instinct forced me to give it my all. I ended up finishing, in the words of my beloved who lost exact count, "40 somethingth", which I suppose was poetically apt.

Apart from the fact that I was forcing myself to run through sub zero temperatures in darkness faster than was comfortable, the race was a very enjoyable experience, with New Yorkers lining the route to high five the runners, fireworks, music.

For now we've pretty much stayed in our friend's apartment watching a lot of TV. Saw the last few ESPN episodes of the WSOP. Tiffany Michelle is a definite candidate for most annoying player EVER, though I accept she may have been badly editted (have some experience of that myself). One thing I've noted in the past is how good the best female players are at using their feminity to both charm and disarm their male opponents to their advantage: Tiffany seemed to be doing the exact opposite.

As for the final table, Eastgate's performance was pure class. He certainly got more than a fair share of luck and big hands, but it'd be hard to point out a single mistake or dodgy move he made. Demidov was impressive too although he got away with some dodgy enough moves. The commentators justified them on the basis of playing the player rather than the cards, which may have some validity, or may just be an example of results based thinking/commentary.

Discovered to my horror that I can't sign onto Stars, any Ipoker skins, Party, or Ladbrokes here. So last night I downloaded Full Tilt, signed up for a $69 700+ plus field FO to give my beloved a lesson in tournament play, and 6 hours later we found ourselves on the final table (with Daniel Negreanu, apparently). Negreanu went in 7th, we made 5th for a payday of over $2200. Nice start to the new poker year.


Nice win (or was it the wife that did it?!) You are way more than just a luckbox... seriously! LOL!

I'll be watching out for your wife at the Ladies Championship... and treating her with a lot of respect! GL with the coaching!


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